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New Class!

By Dr. D on May 12, 2021

Data is not neutral, nor are the algorithms that control how the data that governs our lives are used. Interpretations and recommendations made using data are subjective. This course introduces students how to start harnessing the power of data to intelligently cope with the requirements of citizenship, employment, and family to be prepared for a healthy, happy and productive life. In this class students will practice collecting and wrangling data into a usable form, visualizing large data sets to discover patterns, representing data in a meaningful way, exploring varying interpretations of the data and results, and discussing potentials for misuse and abuse.

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Virtual Workshop Series for Harnessing the Power of Data to Advance Immune-mediated and Infectious Disease Research

on April 9, 2021

Description The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is excited to advance discovery and innovation in infectious diseases and immune-mediated disorders research by leveraging data and data science approaches. Towards this end, NIAID will conduct a series of ideas and innovation webinars that bring together experts and stakeholders in data science, infectious diseases, immunology, and immune-mediated disorders. Through the webinar series, participants will have the opportunity to provide insights into the current landscape of data science research and development, as well as offer ideas that promise to shape the future of data-driven immune-mediated and infectious disease research.

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Paid summer research opportunity- Basic needs and food insecurity among college students

By DSI Coordinator on April 7, 2021

The Chico STEM connections collaborative (CSC2) offers a summer undergraduate research program (UGR Program) to eligible students who are at least in their second semester of their sophomore year. Students are eligible to participate in CSCĀ² programs and services if they are: Hispanic, or first generation college student, or low income, AND Enrolled as a student in one of these majors. The Center for Healthy Communities is partnering with the Data Science Initiative to host 1-2 students to research basic needs and food insecurity among college students.

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Sofware Carpentry Workshop for Website Building

on February 10, 2021

This event has been postponed due to unforseen and unavoidable circumstances. We will be rescheduling this event for Summer. We are considering expanding the workshop an additional 2 days to include more lessons on R programming. Registered participants want a refund please email We apologize for the inconvenience. Ever wish you had a way to showcase your work inside and out of the classroom? A place to share materials with students, or to blog about current research and developments in your field?

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