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Using Data to Fight Food Insecurity

By Dr. D. on October 5, 2021

The Fall Data Challenge ( starts next Monday on October 11th. This is a GREAT opportunity for students to apply statistical and data wrangling skills to important real-world issues and make recommendations to combat this critical issue compete for prizes, T-shirts & bragging rights Practice for DataFest in the Spring! This is a team event open to all majors. We welcome pre-formed teams as well as individuals! There will be a kickoff event Monday 10/11 night where teams can be formed.

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Rs tapply() in Julia

By Edward A. Roualdes on September 20, 2021

Motivation Lately, I, Edward, have been programming in Julia a lot. Two times in the last week, I’ve needed a function like R’s tapply(), but in Julia. With a little bit of searching around the interwebs, I hacked together a reasonable equivalent to R’s tapply() written in Julia. This blog post will explain the function tapply() and briefly introduce the two examples where I used tapply(). Last, I’ll provide my Julia code which replicates R’s tapply() function.

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New Class!

By Dr. D on May 12, 2021

Data is not neutral, nor are the algorithms that control how the data that governs our lives are used. Interpretations and recommendations made using data are subjective. This course introduces students how to start harnessing the power of data to intelligently cope with the requirements of citizenship, employment, and family to be prepared for a healthy, happy and productive life. In this class students will practice collecting and wrangling data into a usable form, visualizing large data sets to discover patterns, representing data in a meaningful way, exploring varying interpretations of the data and results, and discussing potentials for misuse and abuse.

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Fall 21 internship opportunity

By DSI Coordinator on May 11, 2021

Due to the great success we had this Spring, we are offering another Data Science internship experience with the Center for Healthy Communities. This flexible, 3 unit internship is focused on the management, analysis and reporting of data through a variety of projects relating to basic needs and our communities health. This is a great opportunity for students who need to complete the Capstone for the Data Science Certificate or students who need additional units to round out their schedules.

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