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Data is not neutral, nor are the algorithms that control how the data that governs our lives are used. Interpretations and recommendations made using data are subjective. This course introduces students how to start harnessing the power of data to intelligently cope with the requirements of citizenship, employment, and family to be prepared for a healthy, happy and productive life. In this class students will practice collecting and wrangling data into a usable form, visualizing large data sets to discover patterns, representing data in a meaningful way, exploring varying interpretations of the data and results, and discussing potentials for misuse and abuse.

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Data Science info session

Missed this event? Watch the Video Recording here: [] When: Friday, Nov 2nd, noon Where: Butte 101 Do you want to increase your ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information? To tell a better data story? Do you want to be a better consumer and curator of news, improving your ability to identify bull-oney stories that are only aimed to spread false information? Are you concerned about ethics and fairness in algorithms that are used for decisions such as whether or not you get that home mortgage, or that your resume is not tossed out without being seen due to a bias in the screening algorithm.

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Data Science Certificate Info Session

Come learn about the new Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science. Motivation for the program, details about the enrollment process, course requirements and benefits for students. Enrollment in the Certificate program opens Fall 2018. Thursday 3-29, 2pm, MLIB 442 Community Coding session will follow at 3pm.

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