New Class!

By Dr. D | May 12, 2021

Data is not neutral, nor are the algorithms that control how the data that governs our lives are used. Interpretations and recommendations made using data are subjective. This course introduces students how to start harnessing the power of data to intelligently cope with the requirements of citizenship, employment, and family to be prepared for a healthy, happy and productive life. In this class students will practice collecting and wrangling data into a usable form, visualizing large data sets to discover patterns, representing data in a meaningful way, exploring varying interpretations of the data and results, and discussing potentials for misuse and abuse. This course promotes critical reflection on the ethical, social, cultural, and political dimensions of data as well as providing direct hands on experience with both spreadsheets, and the Data Science language, R.

  • Open to current CSU, Chico students only.
  • No programming or data experience necessary!
  • Carries GE Credit.
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