Paid summer research opportunity- Basic needs and food insecurity among college students

By DSI Coordinator | April 7, 2021

The Chico STEM connections collaborative (CSC2) offers a summer undergraduate research program (UGR Program) to eligible students who are at least in their second semester of their sophomore year. Students are eligible to participate in CSC² programs and services if they are:

  • Hispanic, or first generation college student, or low income, AND
  • Enrolled as a student in one of these majors.

The Center for Healthy Communities is partnering with the Data Science Initiative to host 1-2 students to research basic needs and food insecurity among college students. The project description is below. See here for the full details including minimum qualifications.

As part of ongoing USDA funded grant work, the Center for Healthy Communities is conducting several outreach and research projects pertaining to Food Insecurity among College students state-wide. CHC is partnering and collecting process data from over 40 colleges across the state, including community colleges, UC’s and CSU’s. Additionally, CHC is collecting survey data on food insecurity, wellness and health from college students at 3 universities currently, and looking to expand to 10-20 more this Spring 2021. This survey, along with process data provides a wealth of potential research questions. The student will have the ability to work on a topic under the supervision of the faculty researcher, but will be encouraged to explore a research topic of their own choosing

If you have any questions about the project, please contact us at

Direct questions about application and eligibility process to the CSC2 coordinator for your college listed in the announcement.

Update: The closing date for student applications was March 12. Late appliations may be accepted but I doubt for much longer. We apologize for getting this announcement out late.

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