Seminar: Introduction to Bayesian Modeling

By Robin Donatello | March 15, 2018

Join us on Thursday March 15 at 3pm in MLIB 442 to hear Dr. Edward Roualdes from Statistics present the benefits of Bayesian Modeling. [RSVP here]


Much of the statistics taught today is more accurately known as frequentist statistics – a distinction that gets little attention. However, an alternative exists and the alternative bridges what some see as a gap between statisticians and computer scientists who apply mathematical models to data. Bayesian statistics is the alternative. This talk will motivate Bayesian statistics in multiple ways. First, we’ll introduce Bayesian statistics with some old baseball data. Then we’ll dissect the baseball example, describing just how random variables play a role. The entire discussion will be high level, with little to no statistical background required. Pretty plots will complement all mathematical details._

See the rest of the DSI Spring 18 [Seminar and Workshop schedule] here.

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